Mini Projectors

1200 Lumen Android Projector

1200 Lumen Android Projector - 1080P Support, 25 to 100 Inch Display, Android 4.4, Kodi, Dual Band Wi-Fi Key Features... 1200 Lumen projections from... more info

Android 4.4 Mini DLP Projector

Android 7.1 Mini DLP Projector - 100 Lumen, 2000:1 Contrast Ratio, Quad Core CPU, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth At a Glance... Android 7.1 Mini DLP projector is a... more info

Android Mini Projector

Android Mini Projector - DLP Technology, 1080p Support, 150 Lumen, HDMI IN, Dual-Band WiFi, Google Play, Miracast, Quad-Core CPU Key Features...... more info

Android Projector

Android 4.4 Mini Projector - 1200 Lumen, 1500:1 Contrast Ratio, Quad-Core CPU, Mali-450GP4 GPU, Google Play, Kodi, 1080P Key Features... Mini Android... more info

Atongm M6 Mini Projector

Atongm M6 Mini Projector - Linux OS, WiFi, 720p, 100 Lumens, Touchpad, Miracast, DLNA, Airplay, Quad-Core, 4800mAh Key Features... Linux mini... more info

DLP Projector

DLP Projector - FHD Support, 1000 Lumen LED, 800x480p Native Resolution, Built-In Speaker, HDMI, VGA, AV, USB Key Features... DLP projector offers... more info

H96-P DLP Mini Projector

H96-P DLP Mini Projector-100 Lumen, Android 6.0, 2GRAM+16G ROM, Dual band wifi, Bluetooth At a Glance... Android 6.0 Mini DLP projector is a smart TV... more info

LCD LED Projector

Mini LCD LED Projector - 80 Lumens, 1080p Support, HDMI, 30 To 200 Inch Projection, 500:1 Contrast LCD LED projector with 80 Lumens, 1080p HDMI... more info

Mini DLP Projector

Mini DLP Projector - WiFi Support, DLP Technology, 1080p Media Support, 35 Lumen, Built-in Speaker, Built-in Battery Key Features... Take a 70-inch... more info

Mini DLP Projector 'iBeam i60+'

Mini DLP Projector 'iBeam i60+' - Projector For iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 854x480 Resolution, 80 Lumen, 2400mAh Battery Key Features... 'iBeam i60+' is a... more info

Mini LED Projector

Mini LED Projector - 60 Lumen, Manual Focus, 24W LED, 60-Inch Image Size, DLP Technology, RGB LED Light Source Key Features... 24W LED projector... more info

Mini LED Projector

Mini LED Projector - 45W LED, 1080p support, 75 ANSI Lumens, Manual Focus Lens, 2W Speaker, 3.5mm Headphone Jack Key Features... LED mini projector... more info